About me

Gingie Gypsy

Hello there!

I am a blogger, entrepreneur, photographer and content creator. After backpacking in Southeast Asia, I returned back from my trip wanting to share my travel experiences with the world and thus blossomed this blog, Gingie Gypsy. My passion is to explore and capture the world, while encouraging others to do the same. When I am not traveling as the Gingie Gypsy, I am exploring my new city, Denver, Colorado. I started my own business, Grace Perry Productions where I create photo and video content for small businesses. You can often find me gardening, reading, baking or most likely re-watching Parks and Recreation, while channeling my inner Leslie Knope.

Fun Facts About Me


I am originally from the sweet oceanside town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. 


My favorite food is mac and cheese.


I am a fur mom to two cats, Savannah and Zoe.


I started my business Grace Perry Productions LLC in 2019 creating content for local businesses.


I used to be a bartender and love to craft unique cocktails. 


I collect vintage cameras and antique perfume bottles.


I love to print out photographs and scrapbook them.


I am a self taught gardener who loves to grow fruits and veggies.